The gym at FITNESS CLUB offers you a wide range of equipment, devided in sections to make you feel comfortable in your workout. The staff at the Front Desk is there for you whenever you need any assistas or you have questions.


Easy going back to the normal step by step - Still restrictions in our gym


Our priority right now is to keep our gym cleaner and safer than ever. Thanks to our policy to always be present and available during our opening hours and thanks to our responsible visiters we feel we have been able to main the control. Let's continue to keep our gym clean and safe!

The high risk infection areas, the saunas, are closed. We do the check in for you so that you don't have to touch the screen yourself. Boxing gloves and most of the stretching mats are removed.

Several disinfectant spray bottles are there for you in the gym. The liquid we use in the bottles (Virkon) has been proved to be very effective against several viruses during the years and now also against Corona. Virkon have been used in Fitness Club for many years because we know it's a safe and effective product. But, although it's safe o use it should be handled with respect.

During our workout, we respect each other by keeping a safe distance. By trying not to be more than 10 persons at the same time in the same section this should not be hard.



Wipe machines, weights and mats with disinfectant spray both before and after using them.

It may be obvious, but washing your hands thoroughly before and after working out is the most effective thing you can do - and if you cough or sneeze, do so again.

You can bring a small towel to lay down over a seat or mat before laying down on it yourself.

If you prefer to use gloves during your workout we have one time gloves for you at the Front Desk.

If you have to cough or sneeze, try to catch it in a tissue, your shirt or the crease of your elbow.

Avoid touching your nose, mouth and eyes.

And naturally, we stay home if we feel even a little bit sick, we are in quarantine or have even a small feeling we could be a risk for others.

Thank you for respecting others by following our restrictions!

If your card for some reason have to be put on hold, visit us or call us and we can find a solution. More information under price list.


Sections and equipment you´ll find in our gym:

CARDIO Star Trac cardioline, Stair Master, Concept Rowing
HUR Hur air pressure equipment perfect for beginners
HUMAN SPORTStar Trac Human Sport Line for functional training
STAR TRACKStar Trac Impact Line – Basic gym equipment easy to use
FREE WEIGHTSDavid equipment and free weights
ROGUERogue rig and equipment for functional training