Fitness Club provides a wide range of acticvities for kids of all ages and skill level. Our location is perfect for the schools to make it possible to use our facilities for schoolgymnastics and for the kids to join our activities after school.


Gym After School for a special price for students of the age 15-19.


Athletic gymnastics both for Hobby Makers and Competition In our facilities you'll find a 500m2 gym fully equipped for athletic gymnastics, We offer gymnastics for kids, teens and adults of all skill levels, from those who just entering the sport to those looking to attain the skills of a competitive gymnast. More information


Energy Dancers dancegoups are known for their fantastic performance and dance skills. They are very popular specially among young girls. For those who want to join the ED we offer groups based on their age and dance skills.


Hobbyhorse riding has become very popular among kids of all age. This hobby doesn't require any riding skills. This we do just for fun. During the playful class the kids can do some show jumping, dressage or just run with the horse. You don't need to have a horse of your own.